Social media marketing for dealerships

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effective social media marketing for dealerships

Social media marketing for motorcycle dealerships is a powerful tool, but using it effectively can be challenging. Motorcycle dealer marketing are experienced with social media management and we have put together a few tips to help bike dealerships get started or improve their social media marketing.

How to use social media marketing effectively for your dealership

The key to effective social media marketing is understanding your target demographic. You should start by asking yourself the following questions; who are our customers? Which social media channels do they use? When are they most active? and what content are they most likely to engage with? You will undoubtedly have a good idea for the the answers to the above question but it is worth doing a quick bit of research to verify your thoughts, simply ask a few customers when they are in your showroom.

Setting up your dealership social media

Once you have a good understanding of your target demographic you can start to plan your social media approach. Choose the channels you want to use carefully, you don’t want to waste time using a social media platform that your customers aren’t active on. Think about if there are any channels your competitors aren’t using that you could use and gain some competitive advantage.

Setting up your social media accounts is usually a straightforward process, however it is worth spending time completing your profile fully. Add high-quality, professional images of your company logo and your dealership, this is your digital shop window after all. Make sure you include all of your contact details including website address. List your services and a bit of information and history about your business too. In general, fully completed business Your business listings will perform better that incomplete ones on social media and are more likely to show higher up on search results.

social media marketing for dealerships

Getting social media marketing right for your dealership

Now that you’re up and running on social media, the next steps is to put together a content plan. Of course you will be keen to promote your businesses products, services and offers to customers and prospects, but a good social media plan needs a careful balance of content that will inform, entertain and excite followers to keep them coming back for more. You need to find a balance that is right for your business, but as a general rule we would keep sales related posts down to less than one in three.

Ideas for other non-sales content could be motorcycle related news, reviews, photos, videos, competitions, memes, racing or anything else that might interest your followers and encourage them to interact with the post (like, comment, share etc). In general content with imagery such as photos, galleries, infographics and videos usually outperform posts with just text in them.

Timing is key for your dealerships social media marketing

To maximise the effectiveness of your social media posts, you need to publish them when your audience is most likely to see them and engage with them. There are a number of ways you can optimise this, you can start off by using the general best times to post on social media, according to this article from sprout social, posts published at either 11am or between 1-2pm on Wednesday get the most engagement. You can trial some different post times and days over a few weeks and measure which ones get the best engagement as well.

social media marketing for dealerships

Using #hashtags and encouraging sharing

Hashtags are hugely important on some social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, but they are also relevant on other platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn too. It’s important to use relevant hashtags to the content you are promoting, you can find popular hashtags for your subject by searching on Google, or by typing the word into the post you can sometimes get popular suggestions.

You can help to spread your messages further by encouraging your followers to share your posts, this could be via a competition mechanism e.g. ‘like and share this post for your chance to win’, or just by asking them nicely in the post to share it! You can also share your business pages posts to relevant pages and groups to help reach a wider audience.

Utilise post scheduling and automation

There are lots of services available to help you manage all of your dealerships social media channels in one place, this saves time signing in and posting the content to each account. You can also schedule posts for the future, so why not take advantage and schedule your posts for the next week or even month. Just make sure the content will still be relevant when it is posted.

Or you could leave it to the experts

If all of the above sounds a bit daunting or you simply don’t have the time or resource to manage your dealerships social media effectively, don’t worry we can help. Motorcycle Dealer Marketing offer full social media management services, including idea generation, content creation, scheduling, managing replies, reporting and lots more. For an affordable monthly fee you can take advantage of our services and years of expertise in social media management. If you’d like to make social media work harder for your business by keeping your customers informed, growing your online presence and increasing enquiries, please contact us using the button below.